Fixed/Mobile Integration

Users can easily transfer calls to fixed ot mobile phones, call other users and invite them to join the conversation as in a conference call and manage these call transfers with full numbers or pre-defined extensions.

MVNOs do not need to invest in equipment, infrastructure or links. All the services are hosted on our ASP platform which can be accessed by each user via web to tailor the service to its needs, as well as by the MVNOs to oversee and manage global services.

International Mobile Numbering

The service works in several countries and combines perfectly with any international mobile numbering which has been assigned to the MVNO. The management tools enable MVNOs to have full control and define services offered to their clients independent of their respective HNO.

Integration with Corporate PBX

This service enables users to manage their mobile phone as if it were another extension of their PBX. Users can transfer calls to corporate extensions, secretaries and other personnel who will continue with the conversation. These transfers can be made manually depending on the content of the conversation, or the user can also define behaviours so that the service acts different depending on the time, date; or transfer calls to different extensions depending on several criteria.

Real-time Mobile In&Out Call Statistics Tool

The service offers instantly updated information on the incoming and outgoing call flow on the mobile phone. Remote collaborators (E.g.: secretaries, workteam) can access via web this information to offer remote support to the mobile user by writing down documents, making reservations or transferring new calls to the user depending on the calls already made.

Mobile IVR/Voice Service Paltform

MVNOs can offer their clients a complete IVR dialogue builder tool which enables them to create their own automatic voice services combining a complete range of functionalities. MVNOs do not need to make any investment in advanced voice service equipments as they can use this ASP service to provide their clients with this service. It is very useful for clients because it empowers them to build services which interact with callers and gather information in each call so that even if the user is not able to answer the call, the system can be working for him, retrieving information from the caller and storing it on the system so that it can be reviewed later on. This can save the user time, as the system can answer several calls at the same time, gathering all the information from the callers and putting it together to permit the user manage this information.